Custom Events

SSN Custom Event Proposal:
Strategic Solutions Network Custom Events is a unique service we offer our partners.

To deliver on our stated goal of being a full-service solution provider to our partners, we provide multiple Custom Event platforms ranging from conferences, webinars, training forums, and website forums, to help our partners showcase their solutions and engage prospective clients.

SSN brings several unique attributes to Custom Event development:

     1. We understand the markets better than most – given that our primary business is researching the latest trends          and developments in a given market segment and developing attendee-driven conferences to these markets, we
         are at the leading edge of understanding key market drivers

     2. We deliver “actionable value” – No conference can succeed on a sustainable level, unless the attendees leave the
         forum with information they can take away and implement immediately. Our goal is to ensure that any forum we
         organize has value that can be actioned immediately

     3. We showcase proven solutions – Our partners are chosen as they are recognized leaders offering transformative
         solutions to their chosen markets. Most event organizers partner with companies that are the “wanna-bes.” SSN
         partners with those companies that have proven credibility and value. We see our job as showcasing and
         enhancing that value.

So, an SSN Custom Event will combine our market understanding, our value-deliver goals and our convening ability to deliver a meeting that is centered around you and your products/services.

Our national forums have many solution-providers participating as partners. With a Custom Event, you work with us exclusively to:

                • Shape the content
                • Choose the message and actionable value delivered
                • Select the participating audience
                • Design the marketing message/theme

Our interests are aligned. SSN seeks to deliver value to our clients, as do you. Our clients are the same. Let’s work together.